10692 LEGO Classic LEGO® Luovan rakentamisen palikat

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  • Ikäryhmälle: 4-...
  • Sisältää: 221 osaa
  • Mitat: 18.0*18.0*16.4
  • Tuotekoodi: 10692
Varoitus! Tukehtumisvaara. Pienet osat.
Varoitus! Tukehtumisvaara. Pienet osat.
  • Features a wide range of LEGO® bricks in 29 different colors
  • Special pieces include 2 different sets of eyes, windows, 2 types of door, wheels, axles and propellers
  • LEGO® Classic is designed to inspire open-ended creativity with the LEGO brick
  • Special pieces encourage imaginative building
  • All models pictured can be built from this set simultaneously
  • Ideas included with the set and online at LEGO.com/classic to help you get started
  • Includes a brick separator and comes in a sturdy storagebox
  • LEGO® Classic sets are an ideal supplement to any existing LEGO collection